Artwork Series



In this section you will get to have a look at the full pictures of our artwork series. From Tenderpark 001 to 013 we chose a different section of these images printed on each record. After one series was finished, you could have a look at the complete pictures here. From release # 014 onwards we post the full pictures of our record covers.




TDPR 019 – Cromby ‘Planets And Parks EP’:


This stunning black and white image for Cromby’s ‘Planets And Parks EP’ is the fifth and last part of our current series concieved by art director Till Sperrle and shot by photographer Magdalena Bichler on various locations in Italy.




TDPR 018 – Embezzlement Society ‘Rough Quarters EP’:


This beautiful picture for Embezzlement Society’s ‘Rough Quarters EP’ is the fourth part of our b/w artwork series concieved by Till Sperrle and Magdalena Bichler.




TDPR 017 – Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother ‘Caps and Chords EP’:


The cover design of Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother’s ‘Caps and Chords EP’ is the third part of our b/w artwork series concieved by art director Till Sperrle and shot by photographer Magdalena Bichler.




TDPR 016 – Black Dynamite ‘Do You Feel Me EP’:

The cover design of Black Dynamite’s second record for Tenderpark is also the second part of Tenderpark’s new black and white artwork series which has been concieved by the label’s art director Till Sperrle and photographer Magdalena Bichler. As with previous artworks this series illuminates the various shades and interactions between man-made and natural environments.




TDPR 015 – Tilman ‘Mild Western EP’:


With catalogue number 015, Tenderpark initiates a new artwork series once again concieved by the label’s art director Till Sperrle, this time cooperating with photographer Magdalena Bichler from Berlin. The picture series makes use of stunning black and white photos and will continue Tenderpark’s interest in the interaction of artificial and natural as seen in the interplay of landscape and architecture.



TDPR 014 – Drei Farben House ‘Choice Item’:


As with every Tenderpark record the artwork for the double album ‘Choice Item’ comes courtesy of Tenderpark art director Till Sperrle. With the recent release photography based on details of a building by Pierre Vago in Berlin’s Hansaviertel, the new artwork decorating ‘Choice Item’ now makes use of a modernist building from the era of the former GDR (DDR) in Jena called ‘Glashaus Paradies’. While the Hansaviertel in West Berlin, completely designed according to the ideas of the international style, was also an ideological counterpart to the Stalinallee in East Berlin, a statement to tell the tale of the superiority of the western systems, the ‘Glashaus Paradies’ in Jena by architect Friedhelm Schubring shows that the ideas of modernism, which are still and have always been about a fair, equal and creative global society are not bound to political ideologies.


Art direction: Till Sperrle
Photography: Stephan Wolff
Location: ‘Glashaus Paradies’ in Jena
Architect: Friedhelm Schubring




Artwork series #3:


TDPR 011 – 013


With the release of YNK’s “Brand-New Bars EP”, our third artwork series draws to a close. So it’s time again to publish the full image of which you’ve only seen sections so far on the records of Tenderpark 011, 012 and 013. Once again, we have created a fashion photo in a nature environment. This time, the picture has been shot by designer and photographer André Netzker in the Geschichtspark Moabit location in Berlin.


Photography: André Netzker
Clothing: model’s own




Artwork series #2:


TDPR 006 – 010


For series #2 Tenderpark has initiated a cooperation with Berlin based fashion label A.D.Deertz. The warm and subtle menswear clothes which designer Wibke Deertz conceives for her label A.D.Deertz form the centre of the new photo. The new work has been directed by Tenderpark art director Till Sperrle who has also been responsible for the graphic design of Dial records for many years now. Sperrle has set A.D.Deertz’s finely balanced, casual clothing against a classic building of French architect Pierre Vago in Berlin’s Hansaviertel – a highlight of modernist architecture from the 1960s.


Art Direction: Till Sperrle
Photography Julia Nitzschke
Clothing: A.D.Deertz
Model: William Jabbour




Artwork series #1:


TDPR 001 – 005


A fashion photo shot by Julia Nitzschke in a park in Paris.

Photography: Julia Nitzschke
Model: William Jabbour
Cardigan: Model’s own