You can listen to all our releases on youtube – just follow the links below the pictures.
Drei Farben House – ‘Supreme Beats Series‘ (TDPR 022)

I’m Remaining Here featuring Robert Owens Smother featuring Mavin
Material Detective Here (Knowledge And Wisdom)
Karyn’s Dance Breakfast Rush

Cromby – ‘Rushmore Basement Tracks’ (TDPR 021)

Passenger Seat Driver (Hodini & Chez Kerim Remix) Passenger Seat Driver


Drei Farben House – ‘Fluency Fabrics’ (TDPR 020)

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Fair Weather Black Mountain College
Brown And Beige
Rive Gauche Nostalgic Tyme
Cable Knit Stateside


Cromby – ‘Planets And Parks EP’ (TDPR 019)

The Good Shit Planets
Smoke & Bubbles


Embezzlement Society – ‘Rough Quarters EP’ (TDPR 018)

Mi Casa (Drei Farben House Version) Mi Casa
House Arrest Mi Casa (Roman Rauch Remix)


Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother – ‘Caps and Chords EP’ (TDPR 017)

Groove On All Night Long
Dance With Us


Black Dynamite – ‘Do You Feel Me EP’ (TDPR 016)

Let’s Do It In The Morning Breakdown The Love Stoned
I Should Have Known


Tilman – ‘Mild Western EP’ (TDPR 015)

Whip Me Up High Noon
Whip Me Up (CMAT Remix)


Drei Farben House – ‘Choice Item’ (TDPR 014)

From Philadelphia With Love Choice Item
Friday Fever Offsetting
You’re Not Gone Club Butt
Tapered Layers City Craze


YNK – ‘Brand-New Bars EP’ (TDPR 013)

Paradigms Lost Colorit (Drei Farben House Remix)


Roman Rauch – ‘Footpace EP’ (TDPR 012)

Jams Up K’s Bout Jam (Skipson’s Flatwik Reform)
Pow’s Beat Boutique

Black Dynamite – ‘City To City EP’ (TDPR 011)

Uncle L.T. East Side Baby!
What’s Going Down


The Zohar – ‘Brooklyn EP’ (TDPR 010)

Brooklyn 9.30 AM (Drei Farben House Edit) Dog Day
Brooklyn 9:30 AM


Alex Agore – ‘Sentimental EP’ (TDPR 009)

Don’t Make Me Tru Luv


Roman Rauch & Drei Farben House – ‘Soft Split EP’ (TDPR 008)

Hell Below Fluid Finish


YNK – ‘Tender Episodes EP’ (TDPR 007)

Dana Limes Park Theme


Drei Farben House – ‘Bellefonic EP’ (TDPR 006)

Loose Knit Catalogue


Marquese – ‘Mindshake EP’ (TDPR 005)

Mindshake Twool


Drei Farben House – ‘Textile Soul EP’ (TDPR 004)

Crew Neck Sartorial Realism


YNK – ‘Twist ‘n’ Shuffle EP’ (TDPR 003)

Sunday Sermon Takin’ U Back (feat. Eddy Pirax)


Ben Anders – ‘Picnic EP’ (TDPR 002)


Drei Farben House – ‘Bonjour Tenderpark EP’ (TDPR 001)

Petit Standard