18.Mrz.2013 Tenderpark 012 Release Party

It’s been two and a half years since our last label party with John Roberts and Baaz celebrating the release of Tenderpark 001 at the legendary Tape Club. We thought it was high time for another label showcase. This time we are celebrating the release of Tenderpark 012. Join us for a wonderful evening of deep House music with Roman Rauch, Skipson and Drei Farben House. See you at Chalet in Berlin!

07.Mrz.2013 Tenderpark 012 out now!


Roman Rauch returns to Tenderpark full of verve. Both “Jams Up” and “Pow’s Beat Boutique” are brimming with jazzy chords, soulful vocals and Disco influences. The man from Vienna has definitely become a Deep House master in his own right. On remix duties Tenderpark welcomes Skipson (Quintessentials/Raum…Musik) on board – we’ve been a fan of his music for quite a while. “K’s Bout Jam” is a clever way of merging both of Roman’s tracks into one sexy remix with tons of Funk. Tenderpark definitely shakes things up again.

30.Nov.2012 Tenderpark 011 out now!


After The Zohar comes Black Dynamite – another well kept secret in the House music scene. On his “City To City EP” the man delights us with three raw and extremely funky tracks which display a deep love for oldschool Hip-Hop beats. In fact, these three tracks oscillate heavily between stripped down, Soul-influenced House and Instrumental Hip-Hop. And everyone who knows Tenderpark will immediately understand that this is just the perfect synthesis of some of our main interests. With this release, Tenderpark also starts the first issue of our new artwork series.

04.Sep.2012 Tenderpark 010 out now!


The mysterious Zohar – nobody knows who he is, but what we do know is that his music is truly remarkable. We first took notice of him for his great records on the equally fantastic label Quintessentials. His love for Philly Soul samples is one of the reasons why he is such a perfect match for Tenderpark since we are big Philly lovers ourselves. “Brooklyn 9.30 AM” and “Dog Day” are full of wonderful Soul references and so is the Drei Farben House Edit of “Brooklyn”. Another deep quality outing from Tenderpark.

04.Jun.2012 Tenderpark 009 out now!


Alex Agore and Tenderpark – it just had to happen. Although Alex is not all soft and tender, above his tuff and powerful Garage beats it’s all sweetness. With his sugary chords and piano hooks as well as heavenly soul vocals Alex demonstrates his deep love for harmonic richness and melodic sensitivity. A passion for the soulful side of House and a soft spot for Pop – that’s what Alex and Tenderpark share and what makes them a perfect team. And a little bit of relaxed instrumental Hip Hop is the icing on the cake of this record and another joint love between the two.

09.Mrz.2012 Tenderpark 008 out now!


Drei Farben House from Berlin and Roman Rauch from Vienna first met at a gig in the Austrian capital last spring. The two guys discovered that they share a common interest in Soul and Funk music as well as digging for old vinyls on flea markets. When it comes to this joint record, it’s all about the magic of soulful vocals, deep House chords and a relaxed Disco vibe. Another classy Tenderpark trip to the realms of deep musicality.

05.Jan.2012 Tenderpark and A.D.Deertz: the new artwork

While the first series of record artworks for catalogue numbers 001 to 005 had already been a fashion photo by photographer Julia Nitzschke, we have now started a different series from catalogue number 006 onwards, again shot by Nitzschke. This time Tenderpark has initiated a cooperation with Berlin based fashion label A.D.Deertz. The warm and subtle menswear clothes which designer Wibke Deertz conceives for her label A.D.Deertz form the centre of the new photo. Once again we will show five different details of this photo on the next five vinyl releases.

The new work has been directed by Tenderpark art director Till Sperrle who has also been responsible for the graphic design of Dial records for many years now. Sperrle has set A.D.Deertz’s finely balanced, casual clothing against a classic building of French architect Pierre Vago – a highlight of modernist architecture from the mid 20th century.


06.Dez.2011 Tenderpark 007 out now!


YNK’s second EP for Tenderpark approaches the subject „tenderness“ with a lot of feel for musicality: „Dana Limes“ combines gentle piano melodies with multi-faceted, powerful rhythms and a field recording the musician has recorded in Helsinki. „Park Theme“ relies on an even more subtle field recording from a small park in Vienna, slows down the tempo and delights us with a deep black bass groove. And with the piano piece „Etude“ YNK not only proves his love for this instrument once more, but also shows compositional skills way beyond the standards in the electronic music scene.

16.Sep.2011 Tenderpark 006 out now!


With his Bellefonic EP, Drei Farben House creates a remarkable House-Disco-hybrid. Soul vocals, funky drums, warm basses – it’s all there. A wide range of accoustic sounds meets specifically selected electronic elements. With his rather classic idea of musicality Drei Farben House bridges rich soulfulness and slim, reduced Funk. Beauty and elegance, understatement and indulgence, meoldiousness and Pop appeal – that’s what this concept is about.

12.Aug.2011 The complete picture


This is the complete picture of our artwork for the first five releases.



Photography: Julia Nitzschke
Model: William Jabbour
Cardigan: Model’s own





From Tenderpark 006 on, there will be new picture. It will be a fashion shot again, but we’re not giving away any more. So watch out for TDPR 006 in late September/early October.