05.Jan.2012 Tenderpark and A.D.Deertz: the new artwork

While the first series of record artworks for catalogue numbers 001 to 005 had already been a fashion photo by photographer Julia Nitzschke, we have now started a different series from catalogue number 006 onwards, again shot by Nitzschke. This time Tenderpark has initiated a cooperation with Berlin based fashion label A.D.Deertz. The warm and subtle menswear clothes which designer Wibke Deertz conceives for her label A.D.Deertz form the centre of the new photo. Once again we will show five different details of this photo on the next five vinyl releases.

The new work has been directed by Tenderpark art director Till Sperrle who has also been responsible for the graphic design of Dial records for many years now. Sperrle has set A.D.Deertz’s finely balanced, casual clothing against a classic building of French architect Pierre Vago – a highlight of modernist architecture from the mid 20th century.


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