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29.Jun.2019 Drei Farben House ‘Supreme Beats Series‘ (Tenderpark 022) – out now!

The Soulpop Continuum – by Arno Raffeiner Six songs, one sound signature, one vision. Supreme Beats Series by Drei Farben House is an album that firmly stands in the tradition of the big records of the disco era: a vinyl disc full of kicks and licks, just as much as two sides in amazing sound [...]


  After moving from London to Berlin Cromby is back on Tenderpark with his second EP for the vinyl label. The young man recreates our love for Deep House with two sample-based tracks which showcase his ever advancing skills with the old school Akai sampler MPC 2000 XL as well as his cool understanding of [...]

23.Apr.2017 Drei Farben House ‘Fluency Fabrics’ (Tenderpark 020) – out now!

For all of his life Berlin based musician Drei Farben House has been thrilled by the artistic concepts of repetition and modifying resemblances. Small but precise and perceptible variations of (musical) themes have been fascinating him throughout his life as a lover of dance-infused Pop. The artistic concept of handwriting has been questioned in the [...]


  Cromby is an exciting addition to the London House music scene: Originally hailing from Belfast he has made camp in the British capital and brought his MPC 2000 XL with him. The young man who has grown up listening to Chez Damier and Moodymann makes use of the Japanese sampler from Akai in a [...]

01.Sep.2015 Embezzlement Society ‘Rough Quarters EP’ (Tenderpark 018) – out now!

  Embezzlement Society takes us back to the early days of 80s Hip-Hop with his ‘Rough Quarters EP’. On his record the man from Belfast heavily relies on Funk-based drum loops as were popular in the glorious days of old school Hip-Hop. The results are two super casual tracks with a cool Hip-House attitude – [...]

14.Mrz.2015 Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother ‘Caps and Chords EP’ (Tenderpark 017) – out now!

  There is quite a charming story of mutual love between Borrowed Identity and Tenderpark behind this record. The two have been exchanging letters of enthusiasm for each other for quite some time. And so the idea of this joint record has grown very naturally. For the ‘Caps and Chords EP’ Borrowed Identity teams up [...]

26.Nov.2014 Tenderpark 016 out now!

  Wow – Black Dynamite’s second strike for Tenderpark ventures even more into Hip-Hop territory than his successful first EP back in 2012. Ivano Tetelepta, the man behind Black Dynamite has created three casual and well-hung tracks which form a fascinating hybrid between leftfield House and instrumental Hip-Hop. All tracks have been recorded on an [...]

13.Apr.2014 Tenderpark 015 out now!

  Tenderpark celebrates its 15th release with new signing Tilman. On his Mild Western EP the young man from Mainz pleases with two very funky and soulful House tracks which just perfectly fit the label’s musical philosophy. This is Deep House with a strong sense for the music’s roots in Soul and Disco implemented in [...]

09.Sep.2013 Drei Farben House ‘Choice Item’ Tenderpark 014 – out now!

Drei Farben House returns on Tenderpark with his third album ‘Choice Item’, consisting of eight light-footed slices of Soul and Disco as perceived through House-tinted glasses. Most cuts on ‘Choice Item’ are based on Philly grooves – born out of a deep respect and love for the Philadelphia Soul tracks of the late 70s and [...]

12.Jun.2013 Tenderpark 013 out now!

  YNK’s third EP for Tenderpark sends us straight to Dub House heaven with the lush and chord driven deepness of “Paradigms Lost”. Just as dreamy as it’s thrilling, the track perfectly illustrates YNK’s highly musical approach to House which he further underlines with “Colorit” on the flip side: This fresh and funky piece of [...]