26.Nov.2014 Tenderpark 016 out now!


Wow – Black Dynamite’s second strike for Tenderpark ventures even more into Hip-Hop territory than his successful first EP back in 2012. Ivano Tetelepta, the man behind Black Dynamite has created three casual and well-hung tracks which form a fascinating hybrid between leftfield House and instrumental Hip-Hop. All tracks have been recorded on an oldschool analogue tape machine to create a warm vintage feeling which subtly underlines the musical deepness of these beat-centered creations.

The cover design is the second part of Tenderpark’s new black and white artwork series which has been concieved by the label’s art director Till Sperrle and photographer Magdalena Bichler. As with previous artworks this series illuminates the various shades and interactions between man-made and natural environments.

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