14.Mrz.2015 Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother ‘Caps and Chords EP’ (Tenderpark 017) – out now!


There is quite a charming story of mutual love between Borrowed Identity and Tenderpark behind this record. The two have been exchanging letters of enthusiasm for each other for quite some time. And so the idea of this joint record has grown very naturally. For the ‘Caps and Chords EP’ Borrowed Identity teams up with his longtime musical partner Mechanical Soul Brother once more. As the title of the EP suggests, the two studio wizards come up with three very elegant Deep House tracks which are indulging in tender chords complemented by sweet Soul vocals und Funk samples. Add Borrowed’s powerful trademark beats and you get an incredibly accomplished Deep House release which reflects the two men’s mastery and perfectly fits Tenderpark’s musical route. As always all tracks have been mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering.

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