01.Sep.2015 Embezzlement Society ‘Rough Quarters EP’ (Tenderpark 018) – out now!


Embezzlement Society takes us back to the early days of 80s Hip-Hop with his ‘Rough Quarters EP’. On his record the man from Belfast heavily relies on Funk-based drum loops as were popular in the glorious days of old school Hip-Hop. The results are two super casual tracks with a cool Hip-House attitude – just perfect for Hip-House lover Drei Farben House who took the chance to contribute a remix in his slick and smooth style, merging the raw drums with some tender Rhodes. Tenderpark regular Roman Rauch finishes off the EP and slows down the tempo in his remix concentrating on the originals of the samples and displaying his mastery with the MPC once more. As always all tracks have been mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering.

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