29.Jun.2019 Drei Farben House ‘Supreme Beats Series‘ (Tenderpark 022) – out now!

The Soulpop Continuum – by Arno Raffeiner

Six songs, one sound signature, one vision. Supreme Beats Series by Drei Farben House is an album that firmly stands in the tradition of the big records of the disco era: a vinyl disc full of kicks and licks, just as much as two sides in amazing sound quality can hold.

The album is the latest work of Michael Siegle, the Berlin-based producer and owner of Tenderpark Records. 13 years after Drei Farben House’s first full-length on the acclaimed Force Tracks label, it features contributions by singer and songwriter Mavin and none other than Robert Owens who’s voice shaped house music forever. The trademark sonic elegance of Drei Farben House blends perfectly with the timbre of the man behind Fingers Inc.’s Mysteries Of Love. Siegle’s work as a producer is not so much about turning this rich heritage upside down, but about refining it and creating a space within that realm that’s very much his own.

The title of the opening song with Owens states it: I’m Remaining Here. And Supreme Beats Series invites you to come over and stay there, too, in a refuge of class and funkiness. The record offers dense layers of rhythm, vintage keyboard sounds, chucking guitar, and vocal samples that indulge in a many-voiced conversation. Not to forget the prominent, singing rather than walking bass lines performed by the hands of Michael Siegle himself with his bass guitar.

You could think of Supreme Beats Series as a cross-section in time and space. It allows you to take a closer look at the here and now of a much bigger picture, both aesthetically and socially. Siegle uses the vocabulary of house music in a way that transcends its conception as merely a genre and speaks of the historic evolution and the profound roots of this music as a movement. His record takes inspiration from 60s Motown hits as well as the blue eyed soul of the 80s, you can discover influences ranging from Philly’s pre-disco craze to new jack swing and on to the heyday when house-pop divas stormed the charts. By drawing these lines, Siegle deliberately opens up the space of a visionary Soulpop Continuum.

In the 1950s, the American issue of Vogue magazine had their say about Coco Chanel’s work and its ever-lasting impression on fashion and design. They claimed it was all about “infinite variety within narrow limits,“ and meant that as a compliment, of course. Michael Siegle likes to think about Drei Farben House in a similar way. And you should, too.

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